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DIY Flooring Vs. Professional Flooring

A standard epoxy application will range in cost. You may find that your epoxy price is lower if you choose a DIY resin application. Unfortunately those over-the-counter products often lack the strength and durability to protect your garage floor. DIY kits are usually an epoxy paint, meaning it is a water based paint with some epoxy resin added to it. As a result, they can begin flaking, peeling, or fading within a few short months, especially if insufficient prep-work was done to the surface before placement.

Professional garage floor coating installers use high quality resins. There is also a substantial difference in the amount/quality of prep work that is able to be achieved by professional installers with the right equipment. Our goal is to make your concrete impact resistant, low maintenance, and durable. On top of that, we are going to be in and out in one day without disrupting your life. Our coatings are stress and maintenance free. We ensure your investment will last a lifetime.

What if my garage floor is damaged  from mother nature or old age?

Many people worry that their concrete is too far gone to be restored. That is NOT true! In most situations we are able to help repair and restore your concrete.We can easily repair the floor and fill in all the cracks with a special filler we have, that will make the floor level before we coat your garage floor.

What if I have an existing flooring ?

Have you (or a previous owner) coated the space with an DIY epoxy coating? Unfortunately we usually find that these coatings are already peeling, flaking, and coming apart. No Worries the floor can be leveled out (or perhaps removed) before we apply a new floor coating.

How long will the coating last ?

Your garage floor coating will come with a lifetime guarantee that the coating will never peel. Over time the top coat will slowly start to lose it's sheen, but you can expect your coating to last upwards of 15 years.

How long before I can walk on the floor?

We are able to complete most projects in just one day, allowing you to walk on your new surface within 24 hours!

Are the floors slippery?

Our floors have a Non-Slip Surface. The floor coating can effectively maintain the firm traction you require to keep your family, staff, or customers safe. We can also add an extra layer on top to make sure the floor has more of a grit to it if you need it.

Is there a certain way I need to clean and wash my floors?

We suggest sweeping the floors daily or when they become dirty. Then mopping the floors with a neutral cleaner such as simple green and rinsed completely with clean, fresh water.

Don’t know if the floor cleaner is safety use on your floor? We recommend testing the cleaner in a inconspicuous area first before it is used on the whole floor.

Does the coating need to be installed during a specific time of year?

No, This type of floor coating is unique and are able to cure out properly at low temperatures, typically down to 0 degrees. While low temperatures slow down cure time, we are still able to install in winter months.

I just had concrete poured in my home. When can I get flooring done?

The concrete needs to cure for a minimum of 30 days before we can do any kind of work on the floor.

Will you move my belongings out of the garage?

We are not able to move your belongings for you, we require that the garage floor is empty when we arrive. We are willing to assist you with large items such as refrigerators and tool chests.

I have a very specific vision for my floors, can you customize my floor?

One of the biggest benefits of our floors are that the possibilities for customization are almost endless! We can create a floor you’ll be proud to show off. The range of colors is infinite. On top of that we also can add logos to your design.

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