Flake Flooring System

Our flake flooring is solid and an extremely durable material that performs well on garage floors and exterior spaces. It is also chemical/damage resistant. When you use our polyurea coating for your garage floor, or in your home, you eliminate possible issues of cracks, scratches, fading, and other kinds of visible damage. It is UV resistant and will not yellow in the sun. Which makes it a great option for any concrete floor.

Our floor coatings come in a wide range of colors and combinations. As a result, we can help make your garage the envy of the town. You can pick one of our standard color combinations or create something completely unique based on your own style.

Our floor covering is an excellent option for all of the following spaces:



-Interior Spaces


-Workout Rooms

-Laundry Room


And more!

Flake Coating

Flake systems typically consist of a 3-4 coat system. They are great for garages as they offer differing levels of slip resistance and are extremely resilient to scratching commonly associated with a garage environment.  

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